Hello 2016!

Jan 01, 2016

First things first – happy New Years everyone! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful break so far. I’ve spent my Winter break celebrating the Holidays with my family and had a wonderful Christmas. Part of the perks of Durham College being so close to home is that I get… Continue Reading Hello 2016!

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Reading for Pleasure

Dec 15, 2015

Our lives are so busy these days, we often do not have time to do the things that bring us joy, as much as we would like to. This has been the case for me, in terms of reading for pleasure. Reading for knowledge, I have done plenty of lately,… Continue Reading Reading for Pleasure

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Douze + Treize

Dec 06, 2015

      As I sit down to write this I have only four days left of class for semester one, it is crazy to think that this semester has gone this fast. I have naturally spent fifteen years in school between elementary, high school and post secondary and this… Continue Reading Douze + Treize

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Durham College Oshawa campus in the middle of the winter

Week 15 Blog Post

Jan 07, 2015

                            Was Santa good to you?! Man, it’s been a while since I’ve had an opportunity to write you guys, and I have had a blast over my Christmas Break. If you follow me on my Facebook… Continue Reading Week 15 Blog Post

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Away for the Holidays

Jan 05, 2015

Winter break is quickly coming to a close and soon we will have textbooks to read and alarm clocks to set. It’s nice to have some time to relax before getting back into it.  Usually I spend the holidays at home. There’s a long list of traditions I adhere to.… Continue Reading Away for the Holidays

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Durham College students at Oshawa Campus advertising the Campus Walk while wearing safety vests

Safety First

Dec 22, 2014

                 This Christmas holiday is a time we spend with loved ones and have gatherings or parties and either relax or go buck wild. Although we have this awesome time off from classes and/or work; as students, we should keep in mind and… Continue Reading Safety First

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close up shot of red ornament hung up on a fake christmas tree

Week 13 Blog

Dec 17, 2014

                    Done. This is what I’ve been waiting for after the crazy last few weeks I’ve had. All of my exams are done, and now I’m on to some new and bigger stresses… Waiting on my marks to find out whether… Continue Reading Week 13 Blog

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cock on the wall reading 10 to 9

Time after time

Dec 11, 2014

                  As a family oriented student who has undertaken two part time jobs, full time classes, tries to maintain hobbies and find time to sleep/eat in between; I am all too familiar with the struggles of keeping in touch with family/relatives. While… Continue Reading Time after time

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person preparing to write in a blank notebook

The Holiday Break Bucket List

Dec 09, 2014

Now it’s official – no school until January 5! After an intense but amazing semester, it’s time for me to just relax and reconnect with my family while having fun and sticking to a budget.  If you are looking for some fun stuff to do, here are some things I’m… Continue Reading The Holiday Break Bucket List

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