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September In Review!

Can you believe that September has already come and gone? It’s crazy to think that just a few weeks ago we were all having those back-to-school jitters. By now I’m sure you’re all well adjusted to your schedules and have figured out some sort of routine and the assignments have started to pour in! I know that’s the case for me.

I thought I would take the time each month to do a little monthly wrap-up about what’s going on in my classes, around school and what I’ve been up to!

If you follow me on social media channels such as Instagram and Twitter, which I update regularly, you are probably a little more in the loop with my day-to-day activities as I post there quite frequently throughout the week, so I apologize if any of this seems repetitive to you.


Week One

Week One Snapshots

Orientation week was this week! I had a blast helping out with my program’s orientation and then interacting with all the new students at the fun fair. Damon also tricked us all with his Selfie-Prank. We also had some of our first classes, but it was a short week. This just made me more excited for the semester ahead! I remember getting so excited about some of my classes when I met some of my new profs for this year. 


Week Two

Week Two Snapshots

Our first full week of classes! I started to get some small assignments this week – is it weird that I was super excited about this? It was so nice to get back into the swing of things! This week I also went to a local event, Whitby Heritage Day! There are so many cute local shops around Durham region, and this weekend’s event was the perfect excuse to explore some. There were live bands, a farmers market, booths set up about Whitby’s history, a car show and all of the stores had something extra special to offer their customers. Durham region definitely has a lot to offer; just one of the many reasons why Durham College is so great, it’s so close to so many cool things!


Week Three

Week Three Snapshots

The highlight of week three for me was consuming homemade nachos. Seriously, I don’t mess around when it comes to nachos. Anyways, moving on… the weather this week was amazing! Fall is my favourite time of year, I find Summer too hot to actually sit outside and I burn so quickly, I spent my day off this week sitting outside and working on assignments. My dogs were having the time of their lives this day too – they kept me company and sat by my side on our outdoor couch. Assignments and readings started to pick up a little bit more this week, but I was okay with that. I love to do my readings at night before bed. I actually find it really relaxing, partially because I love reading about this kind of stuff!


Week Four

Week Four Snapshots

Technically, we’re still in week four! But since half of this week was September and the other half was October, I decided I would include this week anyways. As part of our program, we’re responsible for selling and designing advertisements for Durham College’s student publications, such as the Chronicle. This week was our first week in doing this! It’s been a lot of fun getting to work with so many great local businesses for this project so far. Another exciting thing that happened this week: Fall!!!! It’s officially here! I’m so excited. 


What was your favourite part about September, or what were some of the highlights? I’d love to know. Here’s to October, I hope it’s as fun as September was!

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