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Hi. I’m Susan and I am very excited to share my college experience with you.

I am not your typical college student. I’m returning to school a little later in life, and would like to share my experiences with you.  Who knows, maybe seeing me live my college dream will give you just the right motivation to go live yours!

Having the opportunity to return to school in my 40s has been a blessing, but also a bit of a juggling act. I am married to a wonderful and supportive man (we just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary) and I have two amazing grown children. Both of them are actually beginning college themselves this year, so all three of us will be attending college at the same time! Add in taking care of our home and a part time job, and I am pretty busy. But, I am loving every minute of it!

You might ask what brings me back to school at this stage in my life. Well, I worked for many years within an industry that is just no longer flourishing. Once upon a time that industry was a dream for me, but things change and we must roll with the punches.

And so, I found myself in search of a new career. As a mother of two young people who live with chronic illness, I have spent a lot of time within the health care industry. It felt like a natural choice, to choose to enter this field.

Now I have new dreams, and attending the Medical Office Administration program at Durham College is my first step in achieving them.

So follow me on my journey and we’ll explore all of the incredible things that Durham College has to offer, together! Believe me, if I can return to school at this stage of my life, so can you! It’s never too late, the possibilities are endless!

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Susan Benedet

Mature student, wife, mother, dream chaser.

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