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Hi! My name is Shannon Webb and I’m so happy to be involved in Team Experience! I am super excited to share my DC experience as a faculty member with the Schools of Interdisciplinary Studies and Health and Community Services. Maybe you’ll gain some insight into the life of a faculty member, wife, eco-warrior, animal lover and workaholic and connect on some level.

Many years ago I was a student in the Continuing Education department with Durham College. I also had friends and family who either attended or worked at DC. These experiences led me to become an instructor here. When I was young I knew I wanted to be an educator, and would gather the neighbourhood children to take part in my personal sidewalk school. Surprisingly, the last thing they wanted to do after they got home from school, was come partake in more school. I just didn’t understand because I loved learning so much, I couldn’t imagine others not feeling the same. Many, many years later and I now have two college certificates, a diploma, a degree and am working on another degree , with hopes of completing my PhD in the not-so-distant future! So, it’s true- I love to learn!

Beyond education, I am very passionate about the environment. My friends and family will tell you just how much of an eco-freak warrior I am. Currently, I am actively involved with an environmental organization that I write online content for and run their social media. In the past, I have also been involved with animal rights and shelter organizations, human rights organizations, schools and educational organizations. I enjoy volunteering my time and giving back to my community both for my own learning experiences and my ability to help others.

Beyond my own schooling, work and volunteer activities, I am a daughter, sister, wife and friend. I am also a mother to 2 large dogs, Hudson and Sarah, and a tiny 3-footed kitten, Terry. My husband and I enjoy spending time with friends, attending concerts, walking our neighbourhood, visiting breweries across Ontario and traveling.

I’m looking forward to sharing my DC experience with all of you!

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Shannon Webb

Teacher, wife, human rights advocate, eco-warrior.

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