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As someone who is a little rebellious, I like to push boundaries, think outside the box and stay true to myself. I greatly value respect, loyalty and continuous learning. As a part-time student myself, I can relate and appreciate the pressures, rewards and challenges post-secondary education can bring. I would say that overall, I’m a work in-progress and I think that most of us are. Sometimes I second guess myself and other days I feel confident and strong. I’m always trying to figure out where my career path will take me next and I strive to improve. I believe that when one door closes, another opens. Things happen for a reason and I love those moments when things fall into place and make sense (even if we don’t want them to). As someone who is easy-going and loves to laugh, I try to focus on the positive parts of life and take pleasure in helping others where I can. After having made ill-fitting and costly education and career choices in my early 20’s, I can appreciate the struggle and frustration that deciding your future can bring. For those that are happy with their choices, the “career geek” in me will be valuable when you want to learn more about your chosen future. I’m totally passionate about careers, human rights, my family, friends, and dirt-biking. I’m a massive tomboy and when I’m not at work, you can usually find me outdoors.

Because I’m all about balance, I love being active as much as I love binge watching Netflix. I am very sensitive to the energy of individuals I meet, and I seek to put myself in other’s shoes to be able to appreciate where they are coming from. I am a busy mom of two little kids, so sometimes the only time I clean out my car is in the Timmies drive-through (fail). As an immigrant to Canada from the UK at age 12, I can relate to feelings of not fitting in, this promotes my curiosity for cultures and other ethnicities. I believe in one-love and the power of music, a language we can all speak.

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Louise Stiles

Rebel, creative thinker, dirt-biker, empath.

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