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Hi, my name is Jordan Carr and I’m from Brockville, Ontario. I’ve just graduated high school and will be entering my first year at Durham College in the Marketing Business Administration program in September 2015.

I’m really into sports (such as: golf, tennis, skiing, and mixed martial arts), photography, film, and having a good time with friends. In my hometown I’m probably best known for the six second videos I make. On the Vine app I’ve accumulated over 100,000 followers which is 5 times the population of the city I grew up in. I’m most passionate about being successful and making a name for myself, as well as making a lot of friends along the way. 

Over the years I’ve won a lot of golf tournaments which unfortunately wasn’t enough to earn myself a golf scholarship. However, it taught me how to focus, self-motivate, and become the best I physically can which I fully intend to transfer into Durham College. My number one goal over the next three years is to make lots of people laugh, smile, and love life as much as I do!

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Jordan Carr

Golfer, Vine master, success seeker, friend.

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