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Hello there! I’m Haylee, and I’m ecstatic to be entering my first year of Music Business Management (MBM) at Durham College this September. Finding a program that you feel was made for you is incredible, but sometimes it takes a few tries to get there. 

I wish I could say that I knew what I wanted to be doing with my life from the get-go. I went through all the stages: paleontologist, voice actor for animations… all the regular girl stuff. When I was in high school, I suddenly figured it out: I was to follow through with my love for chemistry and be a pharmacist. It wasn’t until I scored a job as a pharmacy assistant in the ninth grade that I realized I was so, so wrong. Then I found my love for psychology and completed a year at the University of Waterloo. I loved my classes, the people around me, and just general life in Waterloo, but I knew I wouldn’t be happy with a career in psychology for the rest of my life, so I made the decision not to go back.

It was at the very same time that I learned about the MBM program through a friend of a friend, and something just clicked. Music was always important to me, and had become the most dominant part of my life as soon as I stepped foot into high school. Homeroom was music; I picked up the clarinet quickly, and I am still close with my music teacher to this day. I never considered that there were programs that would get you a career behind the scenes in the music industry, but I’m so glad that I know now.

Besides music, I’m also passionate about travel, people, volunteering, coffee, baking, and interior design. Between concerts and volunteering, you’ll never find me at home during my time off. I hope to one day be able to travel with a career that will allow me to bring the sort of happiness I get out of music to others. 

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Haylee Baskerville

First-year student, music lover, volunteer, baker.

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