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Consider how amazing it is to even be reading this sentence and comprehending its meaning. Consider how amazing it is that you’re alive. The essence of my person and creativity lies within these types of considerations, and I strive to expand them into my second to second experiences. Whether I plan on attending more education in the future, opening up a business, traveling, or still deciding, I know I’m always expanding my knowledge through life experiences. That means there is only lesson, no mistakes. Through these outlooks I try to strengthen the feedback loop of service to others which in turn provides service to myself. This is (for real) what I am all about.

As a first year nursing student at Durham College I’m excited to be on my way to a great career in the realm of direct service to others. During my time at Durham College, aside from my commitment to Team Experience, I will be involved in many clubs as well as side projects. I’ve always been one for learning many different skills in the past. Now coming into college I’ve found joy in learning about the stock market, computers, business, NLP, hypnosis, French, piano, etc. My brain thrives off novelty and my micromanaged daily routines upheld by lists and timelines keeps me on the move and expanding.

In regards to my personal life, my work ethic in academics is also reflected in my health and wellbeing. I put time aside to meditate each day, do yoga every 4 days, and being a proud certified black belt I also keep up on my martial arts training! I will also be going to the campus gym on a regular basis while battling cravings for junk food and sleeping in.

All work and no play? No. Play, and more play.

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Damon Nicholl

Philosopher, planner, soul-searcher, yogi.

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