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Hi, I’m Craig Black, a Learning Skills Advisor (Science) in Student Academic Learning Services (SALS) at Durham College.

Although I grew up in the GTA and so I live fairly close to “home”, my journey has taken me to various places, including traveling within Canada, the US, Europe, and South America, where I lived for five years while teaching at a school in Quito, Ecuador. Overall I like to get out and explore, whether that is travelling far or just heading out on my bike.

In SALS I specifically support students in biology, but I love a wide-range of science disciplines: ecology, evolution, chemistry, and physics. I also love to learn and help others to learn. I am an extrovert so I think the social nature of partnering with someone for the purpose of learning is what really gets me energized. I enjoy teaching others and hearing about their successes both in and out of class. I also enjoy being taught by others, whether in person or through a good book – science, history, education, or theology is what I tend to read.

As a Learning Skills Advisor, one thing I share with students is that I haven’t always been good at this whole “learning” thing. I have had my share of challenges as I developed as a learner. I hope that by sharing my experiences as a student and in SALS; you will realize the resources available to you that will make for a great learning experience at Durham College.

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Craig Black

Explorer, biker, science lover, life-long learner.

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