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I’ve been teaching in the School of Science and Engineering Technology for 9 years now. It’s the best career move I’ve ever made. I love my job almost every day. I’d love it every day if I could find a marking fairy!

I started my career in Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment. Hey, someone has to deal with everything that you flush down the drain! I now have the pleasure of teaching my students in the Water Quality Technician program everything I can about keeping our drinking water safe for all and cleaning our wastewater to protect the environment.

I’m always up for a challenge and willing to try something new. I just finished teaching math to the Horticulture and Agriculture students for the first time ever. And I LOVED it. This year I decided to become part of Experience DC. It should be an interesting year.

When I’m not at DC you can always find me at home on the farm, until the snow flies, then you will find me on the slopes. The one place you will never find me, the mall. I don’t like shopping. I’m also trying to cut down on how much “stuff” occupies my world. One look around as I’m writing this and I can tell you, I still have a long way to go!

Where you will find me at DC: That depends on the day. I teach at both the Oshawa and Whitby Campuses. I love both campuses. They both have so much to offer and I love that my students can get such a diverse experience by utilizing the best of both of them!

My goal for this year… To get you to stop buying bottled water and to make sure you don’t flush “flushable” wipes!!!

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Corrie Stender

Teacher, safe water warrior, skier, environmentalist.

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