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Final Semester Wrap-up

You’re probably thinking “Kait, why on earth are you blogging so close together?!!” and sorry, (not sorry), if you’re getting annoyed by me ;).

Well you see for me, my semester is over!!!  We’ve already started our internships and just have one last assignment that’s due on Monday and I just have so much to share with you guys that’s happened over the past 3 months and only a week to do it in!

Anyways, keeping with tradition I thought it was about time for my semester wrap up post and share some of my highlights from each class!

This semester was a little bit of a tricky one. You see, our last semester is actually accelerated. So it was kinda tough. But totally worth it.

It was only “11” weeks long, but really with reading week and holidays it was actually around 9 weeks – but we have the same amount of classes and content delivery as a regular 14 week semester. (And then on top of all that I signed up for all those competitions! It was intense.)

Just to recap incase you forget, my classes this semester included Advertising Campaigns, Video Production, Web Production, Media Planning & Buying II, Campus Media Production and Professional Practices & Portfolios.

Advertising Campaigns

This class is a pretty cool one. It’s not really a class in a traditional sense. We kind of just talk about different campaigns, why they failed or succeeded, share our thoughts and then were given two assignments where we have to use all of the skills and knowledge we’ve gained over the past two years to develop campaigns. My favourite campaign was the first one we did, a public awareness campaign for camh that focuses on creating awareness for a mental illness or addiction that was assigned to us. I love planning out this kind of stuff, so this class was one of my favourites.

Web Production

You might have remembered that I said once before I had already taken web classes, but chose to stay in this one because the teacher was so entertaining. That opinion still hasn’t changed. Our last assignment was to create our portfolio website which was heaps of fun because I got to show all the extra things I knew how to do and really have fun with it.

Video Production

I said at the start of the semester that I was really excited for this class because I’ve wanted to learn how to actually create videos and edit them for quite some time now – mission accomplished. I only wish I had this class early because I’m having so much fun with it and feel comfortable making videos now and wish I could have made some earlier to share with you guys!

Media Planning & Buying II

I really think I understand media planning & buying now. We were all a little confused as to what media planning is, because the class is kinda part one in semester 3 and then part two in semester 4 but after having both classes I get it. Semester 3 was more of the “buying” and semester 4 was more on the “planning” aspect. Math is not my friend, so I’m definitely more into the planning side of things. We got to do a lot of case studies in this class which I really liked because I love that kind of stuff.

Campus Media Production

This class was basically where we made ads for clients who were advertising with the school in the newspaper, The Chronicle. Naturally I loved this class because of my background in design and love for physically creating stuff. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun. I don’t think I could pick a favourite ad I did, because I kind of love them all. They’re my babies.

Professional Practices & Portfolios

This class again wasn’t quite a normal class – but it was still great! This class was all about landing that perfect internship or job. We had a guest speaker every day, some from within the industry, some from agencies, some who were just giving us career and professional development advice. We also get to go through our portfolio and resume with our program coordinator and learn how to improve it and we work on that through the entire semester. My favourite guest speakers, because I’m totally biased, were when past graduates came in to talk about their experience in placement and after graduating! It was really great to get some insight as to where you could be headed after graduation.

And that’s it! What classes did you have this semester and what were some of your favourite things about them? I can’t believe my last semester of classes at DC is actually over!! Where did these past two years go?!?! It’s really hard to believe it, but I’m proud of the work I’ve done and what I’ve achieved over the past 2 years – and you should be proud of yourself too!!

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