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People make the DCexperience great!

Oct 09, 2015

While I ran last night I thought about some of the many individuals who make my #DCexperience great.   Although I do reflect daily on the many things I have to be grateful for, admittedly I’m not great at voicing my appreciation, so in honour of Thanksgiving weekend, here goes .… Continue Reading People make the DCexperience great!

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Get connected

Sep 15, 2015

To say start-up is a busy time is probably the understatement of the academic year!   It’s also a great time to connect with our students and our clients, and to have some fun making sure that ‘The Student Experience Comes First’.    While attending school start up meetings; listening to the keynote… Continue Reading Get connected

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New year – new skills

Sep 08, 2015

  One thing I love about working in education is the excitement of the start of a new school year – it’s something you don’t get working in any other field.   The new school year probably evokes different emotions for each of us but for me it’s about a brand… Continue Reading New year – new skills

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Sandra Bennett of Team Experience

More about Sandra

Aug 11, 2015

I’m Sandra Bennett, executive director of Human Resources.   I landed a great job at Durham College over 30 years ago and the career opportunities, College culture, and great people have kept me here ever since.   For me, participating in the Experience campaign is about showing potential job candidates what it’s… Continue Reading More about Sandra

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