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MBM: A Recap

Mar 23, 2016

As the term rapidly approaches its end, I thought I would take some time to recap what’s been happening in Music Business Management over the last couple of months. Over the course of the term I’ve continued working with Backrow Records, one of MBM’s on-campus student-run initiatives. This has allowed… Continue Reading MBM: A Recap

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My favourite summer songs

Get To Know Me Through Music

Jan 24, 2016

At last week’s initiative meeting, the members of Backrow Records – including myself – collectively decided that we were going to post weekly playlists showcasing each member’s individual taste in music. I’m not set to post mine until much later in the term, but being the overzealous one I immediately… Continue Reading Get To Know Me Through Music

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Tips for Staying Motivated

Jan 13, 2016

Now that the winter break has come to an end and we’re all trying to slip back into school mode, I thought it relevant to give some tips on how to get – and stay – motivated after getting out of the school routine for a few weeks. I know… Continue Reading Tips for Staying Motivated

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First Term: A Recap

Jan 07, 2016

     Now that the winter holidays are over and we’re all back to school, I thought I’d take some time to recap the wild four months that was first term in Music Business Management.       When term started, it started off with a bang, and continued at that… Continue Reading First Term: A Recap

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Midterm Stress Tips

Oct 08, 2015

The weeks have been flying by. By now, students have surely tackled their first tests, assignments, or presentations (in my case, all three!) and the workload is only going to build as time goes on. With it being Mental Health Awareness week and with midterm season slowly approaching, I thought it would… Continue Reading Midterm Stress Tips

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Durham College Oshawa campus bus loop in the fall with leaves all turned orange and red

Beating the Fall Cold

Sep 22, 2015

After a great week filled with the buzzing chatter of resume building and interview planning amongst MBM students – I landed my #1 job choice with Backrow Records, hold your applause – I decided to treat myself by heading to St. Catharines to visit my best friend over the weekend…… Continue Reading Beating the Fall Cold

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Durham College Oshawa campus Gordon Wiley building


Sep 16, 2015

I love this school. Honestly, truly, completely. I heard about the Music Business Management program almost two years ago, and have been hooked on Durham College ever since. Since packing up and moving to Oshawa at the beginning of last week, my initial feelings have only been reinforced. Everyone is… Continue Reading #iHeartDC

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Haylee standing outside of the Student Services Building

More about Haylee

Aug 11, 2015

Hello there! I’m Haylee, and I’m ecstatic to be entering my first year of Music Business Management (MBM) at Durham College this September. Finding a program that you feel was made for you is incredible, but sometimes it takes a few tries to get there.  I wish I could say… Continue Reading More about Haylee

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